How We Created Our Indoor Puppy Den

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 3.45.53 PM

Here are a few items you’ll need to create this space for your puppy. Watch our video below for more details (plus watch Luna play).

  • Doggy Crate – PetSmart: Check the different crate sizes to make sure your pup can fit comfortably inside – laying down and standing up.
  • Plush Throw: I got mine from Target at the Bargain section at the front of the store. You can get any plush throws anywhere. Click on the “Plush Throw” link to find ones from Walmart under $10.
  • EKBY OSTEN Shelf – IKEA: I picked the white wall shelf from IKEA but they have many different shelf sizes and selections to choose from.
  • EKBY VALTER Shelf Bracket – IKEA: I picked a black shelf bracket to go with the rest of the black and white theme of Luna’s den. There are many different bracket selections to choose from on their website and in-stores as well.
  • HEMMINGSBO Picture Frame – IKEA: These frames are under $5. Buy as many as you’d like to decorate your wall space.
  • TJUSIG Wall/Door Rack – IKEA: This white minimal wall/door rack is perfect to hang your puppy’s leash, bags and etc.
  • Teddy Bear Planter – DAISO JAPAN: cute little planters can be used to store your doggy chew sticks. Purchase a set online or purchase in-store for $1.50.




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