Eddie makes beautiful food


So it all happened in the morning of this past Valentine’s day. I wanted to impress Bay by making her chocolate-covered strawberries for the special day. However, I didn’t wanna look like a dork and tell her I was going to make her the dessert so I told her I was going to get the ingredients for breakfast instead. Just a regular breakfast. You know, the casual-not-trying-too-hard style. So off I went headed to the Trader Joe’s 10 minutes away from our place. While I was driving I thought I might as well get the ingredients for breakfast as well. We can’t just eat chocolate-covered strawberries for breakfast. Then this bread bowl recipe that I recently saw came knocking in my mind. Literally.

Then this happened after some random ingredients that I picked up:

Ed’s breakfast bread bowl

File_002 (2)

File_005 (2)File_008 (2)

File_000 (1)File_002 (1)File_003 (1)File_009 (1)File_002

File_004 (1)

20 minutes later…

I mean, okay, it probably doesn’t look too good right now.


But Dudeeeeee…………..




Chocolate-covered strawberries

So this is the dessert!


Eddie makes beautiful foods was a success.

Bon Appetit!


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