Salmon & Yellowtail Poké Bowl


If you guys have read our blog in the past, you will probably know that we LOVE Poké bowls. We’ve been on the hunt for good Poké places in Orange County and couldn’t find a restaurant that has good Poké and is within a 10 mile radius from our house. So one weekend, while strolling down the fish aisle in our local Korean grocery store market, we picked up some sushi grade fish and decided to try making our own Poké bowls with the help of our friends (Google Search and Pinterest).

Our first attempt was a SUCCESS!!! Not only did it taste perfectly to our liking but the fish to rice to salad ratio is incomparable to the Poké bowls we have outside. As in, our ratio is so much better because we added as much fish as we wanted without feeling slightly guilty of the price tag.

Okay, okay. Less talk, more food. Here are the step by steps to  our homemade Poké bowl.

Servings: 2 people          Prep Time: 30 minutes             Level: Easy


  • 2 cups of cooked Rice
  • 1 piece of Salmon – sushi grade
  • 1 piece of Yellowtail – sushi grade
  • 2 cups of Lettuce (or pre-washed spring mix salad)
  • 1 ripe Avocado
  • 3 tablespoon of Masago (fish caviar)
  • 1/2 cup of diced Pineapple slices
  • 2 stalks of Green Onions – chopped into small pieces
  • 1.5 tablespoon of Soy Sauce
  • 1 teaspoon of Sugar
  • 1 table spoon of Sesame Oil
  • Wasabi (however much you can take)

Step 1: Wash your fish & dry with paper towel. Cut your fish into small square pieces. Place them together in a bowl.

Step 2: Whip out your soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar. Pour them on the diced fish. Add masago and chopped green onions. Mix well with spoon. Place into the fridge and let it marinate for about 20 mins while you cook your rice.


Step 3: Cook your rice. Set it for “Quick Cooking” because ain’t nobody got an hour to wait for cooked rice.  If you don’t have a rice cooker, here’s a link on how to cook rice on your stove-top. The video in the link says to use salt. For this recipe, skip the salt since you will be mixing the rice with the marinated fish later on.

You can also skip the rice and only use lettuce/spring mix salad if you’re looking for a low-carb option.

Step 4: Once your rice is cooked, get out your other ingredients for plating. Here we have our diced pineapples, chopped green onions and chopped lettuce. We forgot to include diced avocado in this picture, but you guys get the idea.

Step 5: Putting it all together however way you like it. Don’t forget to add the Wasabi. Wasabi helps to kill any bacteria and makes this dish safer for you to eat. Here’s how we did it:

Step 6: Take spoon, scoop, bring to mouth, open mouth, place food inside mouth, EAT!

We like to mix the Poké bowl prior to digging in. It blends all the ingredients together so each bite has a little bit of everything. But hey, you can eat it however way you want because YOU’RE THE BOSS!

You can find all of the ingredients in your local Asian grocery store.There’s always a risk for consuming raw foods so please make sure to pick up sushi grade fish instead of regular fish filets/steaks. Sushi grade fish are of a higher quality and are cut from the areas of the fish where it’s okay to eat it raw. If you’re still a little nervous about picking up sushi grade fish, here’s a great blog post about how to select sushi grade fish from

We really enjoyed our homemade Poké bowl. It’s so quick and simple to put together. There are also many ways of enjoying your Poké. We had extra Poké left over to eat with tortilla chips. You can also take all of your ingredients and wrap them into a Poké burrito with a large sheet of seaweed.

Have fun trying this recipe and leave a comment below to let us know how it turned out.

“Happi” eating!







Eddie makes beautiful food


So it all happened in the morning of this past Valentine’s day. I wanted to impress Bay by making her chocolate-covered strawberries for the special day. However, I didn’t wanna look like a dork and tell her I was going to make her the dessert so I told her I was going to get the ingredients for breakfast instead. Just a regular breakfast. You know, the casual-not-trying-too-hard style. So off I went headed to the Trader Joe’s 10 minutes away from our place. While I was driving I thought I might as well get the ingredients for breakfast as well. We can’t just eat chocolate-covered strawberries for breakfast. Then this bread bowl recipe that I recently saw came knocking in my mind. Literally.

Then this happened after some random ingredients that I picked up:

Ed’s breakfast bread bowl

File_002 (2)

File_005 (2)File_008 (2)

File_000 (1)File_002 (1)File_003 (1)File_009 (1)File_002

File_004 (1)

20 minutes later…

I mean, okay, it probably doesn’t look too good right now.


But Dudeeeeee…………..




Chocolate-covered strawberries

So this is the dessert!


Eddie makes beautiful foods was a success.

Bon Appetit!

Hangry for Japanese Ramen

If you happen to be in the Torrance, California area, stop by Ramen Yamadaya for lunch or dinner. It’s a little ramen gem outside of Los Angeles and Culver City area. Located in a small corner plaza by the 405 freeway, the ramen shop can be easily spotted. Parking is limited but we got lucky and parked right in front of the restaurant. There were 4 other parties ahead of us. We had to put our name on the waiting list.

The restaurant has a nice little tea table set up outside so their waiting guests can have a drink of tea while they wait. 15-20 minutes later, they called our names and it was time to grub.


The inside of the ramen shop is pretty small but clean. We didn’t have to wait long before the server addressed us. The menu was easy to read and it covered all of your basic ramen needs: different styles of ramen, lots of available sides, combination meals, desserts, Japanese drinks, etc. There are lots of review and food pictures on Yelp to help us pick our dinner.


I ordered the Original Pork Broth Ramen – Yamayada style. Eddie ordered the Shuyo Ramen – Regular combo with Fried Rice and salad. Here’s what we think of the food from each of us.


Original Pork Broth Ramen – Yamayada Style: I really like the ramen I ordered. I thought the noodles were perfect. It was cooked thoroughly but it had the right amount of chewiness. The broth was a little salty but it gave the noodles lots of flavor. The other ingredients in the ramen were generously provided. It had plenty of bamboo shoots, a whole egg cut in half (I wish the yolk would have been more runny), green onions, garlic, sea weed, and pork. Oh yes, the pork. You can tell they’ve been cooking the meat for a long time. The meat is still solid so you can pick it up with your chopstick but when you bite into it, melts like butter. I prefer this place over my husband’s favorite ramen joint, Daikokuya. Everything tasted very fresh and on point. The whole restaurant experience is better for me (short wait time, they offer you tea while you wait, the food was good, etc).

The portion was good enough for me. I didn’t feel like I needed to order extra sides. Some places are not as generous with the amount of ingredients they put in the bowl of ramen but I feel like this shop really wanted their customers to be happy and satisfied with their dining experience. I was indeed a happy customer when I walked out of the restaurant. I would definitely go back!


Shuyo Ramen – Regular combo with Fried Rice and Salad: I think it’s a solid ramen dish and it comes with everything a decent bowl of ramen should come with, for instance, very good piece of Cha-Su, lots of bamboo shoots, green onions, egg, seaweed, tasty broth (maybe a little too thick), and noodle that was cooked right (I still prefer Daikokuya’s curly noodle though). It almost had everything done right. However, the main problem I had with their ramen is that it simply didn’t stand out to me. They were good but just didn’t leave a taste in my mouth so good that I will have to go back. I know I sounds like a hater here. I will still eat there if I happen to be in town and crave ramen. I just probably wouldn’t drive all the way from Orange County for their ramen like I would do for Daikokuya.

On the other hand, the fried rice from the combo I picked was top notch. It came in a very generous portion and it was really tasty. It came with a lot of meats. It can be a little salty to some people but the ginger that it came with helped balanced out the flavor. I definitely recommend getting the combo with the fried rice if you happen to eat at this place.

Salad was standard. A regular salad with the miso dressing.

Conclusion: At the end of the day, everyone have their own food (ramen) preference. However, we both agree that if you’re living around the Torrance area or if you’re driving by Crenshaw Blvd off the 405 Fwy. Ramen Yamadaya is a good place to stop for a nice, hot bowl of ramen. Easy and tasty – just how we like it.








Let’s Make Pies

Today is National Pie Day! Eddie and I decided to celebrate by making three different types of pies for you guys. Two of them are for us to enjoy and one of them is for our fur baby, Luna. Since we learned how to make these pies by referring to other bloggers’ and websites’ recipes, here they are below so you can make them too!

Watch us make the pies:


Hainan Chicken Rice

Hainan Chicken Rice


  • 1 packet of Gourmet Hainanese Chicken Rice Spice Paste (click to buy from Amazon)
  • 1.5 cups of uncooked white rice
  • 2.5 cups of water (for the chicken rice)
  • 2 cups of water (for the chicken broth)
  • 2 medium sized chicken breast
  • 1/2 lbs of green string beans
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil

Wash the chicken breasts and remove the bones. Boil the bones in 2 cups of water to make chicken broth. Add a pinch of salt to add flavor to the chicken broth. Let it cook in medium heat.

Pour 1.5 cups of uncooked white rice into a cooking pan and rinse the rice (3 times). Add 2.5 cups of water and mix in the packet of Gourmet Hainanese Chicken Rice Spice Paste. Stir until the paste dissolves. Make 3 to 4 slices on the chicken and place the chicken on the rice-paste-water mixture. Place on stove and cook on high until it boils.

Once it starts to boil, cover with lid and reduce heat to medium. Set the timer for 15 minutes. Once the time is up, turn off the heat and let it simmer for an additional 6 minutes.

Once the time is up and the meat is thoroughly cooked, remove the chicken breasts from the rice and cut into smaller sizes. Plate the chicken. Stir the rice with a spoon and scoop the rice on the plate.

The chicken broth should be boiling on medium heat. Wash and cut the green string beans in half. Dice the garlic into small slices. Pour the green string beans in the broth for 30 seconds, rinse it out with cold water and let it dry. Turn the stove on high. Add olive oil to the frying pan and wait until hot. Add garlic, string beans and stir for 2 minutes. Turn off the stove and plate the string beans.

I added pickled vegetables for garnish but you can also cut up some sliced cucumber and tomato as a replacement.

Hainan Chicken Rice is a very popular dish in Southern China and Southeast Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. This recipe will kick your ordinary rice recipes’ butt.  The oil and aroma of the chicken is present in each bite giving your taste buds a ride they won’t forget. This dish is also one of Eddie and my favorite childhood food.

We’d love to hear your experience with this recipe. Let us know if there are any tips you’d like to share on how to make this dish even more delicious!

No cooking recipe is compete without a video tutorial. Watch us make this dish in the video below.