How We Created Our Indoor Puppy Den

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 3.45.53 PM

Here are a few items you’ll need to create this space for your puppy. Watch our video below for more details (plus watch Luna play).

  • Doggy Crate – PetSmart: Check the different crate sizes to make sure your pup can fit comfortably inside – laying down and standing up.
  • Plush Throw: I got mine from Target at the Bargain section at the front of the store. You can get any plush throws anywhere. Click on the “Plush Throw” link to find ones from Walmart under $10.
  • EKBY OSTEN Shelf – IKEA: I picked the white wall shelf from IKEA but they have many different shelf sizes and selections to choose from.
  • EKBY VALTER Shelf Bracket – IKEA: I picked a black shelf bracket to go with the rest of the black and white theme of Luna’s den. There are many different bracket selections to choose from on their website and in-stores as well.
  • HEMMINGSBO Picture Frame – IKEA: These frames are under $5. Buy as many as you’d like to decorate your wall space.
  • TJUSIG Wall/Door Rack – IKEA: This white minimal wall/door rack is perfect to hang your puppy’s leash, bags and etc.
  • Teddy Bear Planter – DAISO JAPAN: cute little planters can be used to store your doggy chew sticks. Purchase a set online or purchase in-store for $1.50.




Top 9 Vday Gifts for Him, Her & Your Furry Friend

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Are you still trying to come up with a gift idea to give to your S.O.? We can help! Eddie and I each picked out 5 Vday gifts (a total of  10 gifts) we’d think will be great for the loves of you life. Check them out below:

Eddie’s Picks for Her

#1. Morse Code “LOVE” necklace – If you are thinking of getting a necklace for your girlfriend or wife for this Valentine’s, consider looking into the Morse Code “LOVE” necklace. I personally think it’s a cute necklace and it comes with Turquoise stones and gold bronze beads. The coolest thing about this necklace is that the gemstones with the 14K Gold Beads are combined to spell out “LOVE” in Morse Code. Now if you are going to get a necklace might as well get a cool one.


Morse Code “LOVE” necklace  @ Huckberry

#2. Kindle Touch with a Kindle ebook (Go Set a Watchman: A Novel by Harper Lee) – If your girlfriend or wife likes to read and currently doesn’t own a Kindle this will seriously make a great gift. She can easily store all her favorite books on the Kindle and go through them one at a time, or several if that’s how she likes it. This is also perfect if she travels frequently. Instead of bringing physical books that take up the suitcase spaces she only needs to bring her Kindle. As for the book itself, it can literally be anything. I put ‘Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee’ is because this is one of the books that I am planning to read next.


Kindle Touch @ Amazon. ‘Go Set a Watchman: A Novel by Harper Lee’ @ Amazon

#3. Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker – This makes a great gift if your girlfriend or wife likes to exercise, or is someone who cares enough about her well being. This tiny tracker tells you how many steps you have taken; how many calories you have burned; how many miles you have walked; and your sleeping quality. This fun little device somehow can motivate you to be more active and to take more steps on a daily basis. Great gift for her and even better if you have one so you guys can compete and workout together.


Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker @ Amazon

Bay’s Picks for Him

#1. Personalized Docking Station – I think this is a great gift for your “techy” boyfriend (or fiancé or husband). Not only is this docking station stylish, it will also help your man keep all of his small items organized. Plus you can customize your own message on the dock making the gift one of a kind.

Docking Station

Personalized Docking Station @ Esty Shop Wudzeedotcom

#2. Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag – If you made a New Years Resolution this year to travel more with your boyfriend, this is the great gift for him. Write him a Vday card to let him know how excited you are to go on more adventures with him and put it inside this Duffle Bag. It’s thoughtful AND practical.

duffle bag

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag @ 

#3. R2D2 USB Car Charger  – This gift will probably win you the “coolest girlfriend” or “coolest wife” award. For the women or men who have S.O. who are obsessed with Star Wars, what better way to fulfill their Star Wars fantasy than to give them their own R2D2? This R2D2 car charger has 2 USB slots so you can charge multiple phones are once. Did I mention the head spins just like how it does in the movie?


R2D2 USB Car Charger @ 

Our Picks for the Furry Friend

#1. Heart ‘n Bears Plush Dog Toy – This cute little plush toy set will keep your puppy occupied for some time. The little pink bears are super cute and the heart plush shows your pup how much you love him/her. Okay, they probably don’t know what Valentine’s Day is but they’ll love the toy.

dog toy

Hearts ‘n Bears Plush Dog Toy @

#2. Bark Box – What better way to tell your dog you love him/her than to provide a box of goodies every month. Ranging from $19 to $29 per month, Bark Box provides treats, toys, and chews in each box every month. Items are provided based upon you dog’s size. Shipping is free and you can cancel anytime. Start with a 3 months plan, try it and show your puppy some love.


Bark Box @

#3. Doggie Massage – Our puppy tends to get leg cramps when she runs too hard. Sometimes during a game of catch, she would start limping and hopping on one feet. Dogs, like humans, can benefit from massage sessions. You can either give massage to your own pups or you can take them to a professional doggy massage parlor for some pamper and relaxation. Modern Dog Magazine has a great article that teaches you how to massage your dog. Check it out and let us know if your pup enjoys it.

doggie massage.jpg

Photo from

Lazy Cleaning Hacks

Let’s get to the point. We don’t like to clean. No matter how many times we hear the phrase, “a clean home is a happy home”, we can never find the enthusiasm to pick up the vacuum to start cleaning. We are not ashamed because we know that we are not alone. Here are some hacks that helped make cleaning a tolerable task.

  1. Cute House Cleaning Slippers: Best invention. EVER. This adorable pair of house slippers can keep your feet warm and clean your hard wood floors at the same time. They’re $12.99 from Amazon. #takemymoneynow.Plush Mop Slippers
  2. Lint rollers are your friend: These sticky rolls of goodness will pick up a lot more than just lint and pet hair from your clothing. Roll it across the counters to pick up dust. Roll it across the floor to pick up crumbs. Granted, you should invest in a duster and vacuum as part of your basic cleaning equipments but lint rollers are great for when your husband’s friends are coming over in an hour and you just found out 15 minutes ago.Lint Roller
  3. Layer on the Aluminum Foil: Put on a layer of aluminum foil on your baking ware. Crumbing up the foil and tossing it in the trash after making baked salmon with lemon is the BEST feeling in the world. No clean up required. YAY!Foil.jpg
  4.  Car wax your tub and shower: Okay. This actually involve some cleaning in the beginning. Scrub down your tub or shower stall and make sure you get as much of the soap scum out as you can. Use a little bit of car wax to go over the surface and wipe off the excess with a microfiber cloth. You only need a little bit of car wax. The idea is to protect the tub or shower stall from harsh water marks and soap scum that’s hard to clean in the future. Don’t put too much so that it’s difficult to stand without slipping and hurting wax
  5. Contact paper the shelves in your fridge: Fridges are not off limits to cleaning. Food can be filthy! Especially gross expired food that you forgot to throw away last week. We really should be wiping down our fridge at least once a month. If you use contact paper, peel and replace. You can also decorate the inside of your fridge with different contact paper paper
  6. Invest in a Roomba: iRobot Roomba is your BFF of all of cleaning equipments. All you have to do is set it to the location of where you’d like for it to vacuum and press the button. It will tell you when it needs help, when it runs out of battery and when it’s done cleaning.  This beautiful machine will save you so much time, especially if you have a pet (or two) running around all the time.


Eventually you will have to roll up your sleeves, get down and dirty to clean your home but in the meantime, enjoy these hacks!

What are some of your lazy cleaning hacks? Comment down below. We’d love to get some ideas for ourselves. Remember, a clean home is a happy home!